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AHTR "Roto-Router" 4000 and 4050 now available for ordering.
AHTR 4000
The AHTR 4000 and 4050 series are a line up of low-cost 1U rackmount network appliances intended for network edge gateway applications, intended for small business environments.
These are most suitable for SMBs which have outgrown the use of consumer grade "SOHO" network hardware yet cannot justify high-dollar, datacentre-grade equipment.
Built on commonly available off-the-shelf hardware, Intel Atom platform (x86_64), and FreeBSD, the device is fully expandable, customizable, and easily serviced.
Units come pre-loaded with FreeBSD 8 for further customization or can use packages such as pfSense for plug-and-play use.
One PCI express x16 slot is supplied for expansion with additional network interfaces, for example: Gigabit Ethernet single or multi-port, Voice Loop Start FXO/FXS ports, T1 cards just to name a few.
The conventional industry standard expansion interface allows use of any PCIe card from any vendor.

The 4000 model features rear-facing I/O ports and rear-facing IEC C14 power input.
The 4050 model features front-facing I/O ports and rear-facing IEC C14 power input.
DC power (12, 24, -48 volt) models available on special request.

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